Intro to email automation

Have You Unlocked the Power of Email Automation for Your Adventure Brand?

Efficiency is vital in business. When the need to scale comes around, deploying systems, processes, and workflows can shift the very essence of not only how we do business, but of how we serve our customers, too.

So when we start looking at the best way to scale your marketing efficiency, automated email workflows get top points. Email automation lets you deliver information to your customers right when they need it, leaving you and your team to focus on the highly personalized touch-points of their journey with your adventure brand.

You’ve certainly seen email automation in action countless times. Whenever you’ve received a series of emails introducing you to a brand you gave your email address to, or gotten trip recommendations based on your interest, or maybe even a simple happy birthday message – these are all examples of email automations!

A Quick Look at Why & How Email Automation is So Effective

Email automation is focused on one-to-one communication, as it allows you to send specific emails that speak directly to your individual subscriber’s interests based on a particular action or rule—a “trigger.” This automation of workflow, in turn, helps make your processes more efficient.

On average, 51% of companies are currently using automation. When implemented properly for your adventure brand, you enjoy the following marketing automation benefits above your competitors:

• Saving time (30%)
• Lead generation (22%)
• Higher revenue (17%)
• Customer retention (11%)
• Shortening the sales cycle (2%)

From the list above, it’s easy to see how email automation plays a role in your business success. It gives you the ability to target people based on their interactions with your website, purchase history, or their personal preferences—and deliver to them an entirely personalized and relevant experience automatically. It helps you show up exactly where they are in their customer journey.

The best part is that it helps you save time: you set your email automation up and it does the rest.

Why do email automations offer such great results for businesses that implement automations well? Because it’s an incredible way to show up at every stag of your customer’s journey with your brand.

Let’s look at the key stages of the customer journey for an adventure tourism brand. The customer journey is also known as the sales funnel.

  • Dreaming: At some point, we all start to dream about that next escape, that next vacation.
  • Planning: And eventually we stop dreaming and we begin to gather the details we need to make informed, educated decisions on our next adventure.
  • Booking: Armed with the planning we’ve done, we feel confident in booking—sometimes in pen, sometimes in pencil.
  • Experience: We go on that amazing vacation or adventure tour that we’ve been planning for so long.
  • Sharing: After we’ve made memories, we want to share our experience with others through a variety of ways; word of mouth, social, and reviews to name a few!

We’ve found that the most effective workflows fall within these buckets. This is an easy to understand way to organize your email automations to literally “power up” your sales process.  When you can show up exactly where your customer is in their interest stage with high-impact, high-value information that supports their needs, you are able to bypass the “car salesman” approach and move them through your sales process with ease. So naturally, when we begin to craft email workflows, we come back to this framework and ask ourselves, ‘Where is the client in their journey with our adventure brand right now? What pain points might they have, and how can we provide them with well-timed information to help them take the next step?’

This is where email automation shines.

Getting Started with Email Automation Isn’t As Hard as You Might Think

We’ve created an Email Automation Toolkit you can use to help you begin thinking about email automation, and plan out high-impact workflows to support your triple bottom line.

In this toolkit:

Intro to Email Automation Toolkit
  • An Introduction to Email Automation

  • A Look at Effective Email Automation Workflows

  • Tools to Help Plan an Email Automation Workflow

  • Step-by-Step How-To

  • Interactive Worksheets

  • Resource Lists

  • And more…

Want Additional Email Automation Support?

We’re here to help! Contact us and let us know what your email automation goals are for your adventure brand.

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