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We’ve created these free toolkits to help you learn about the fundamentals of key marketing efforts—and we’ve packed as much value in these as possible, including worksheets, checklists, and more.

Adventure Biz Toolkits: Instagram

Instagram Best Practices

Instagram is an incredibly powerful platform that gives your adventure brand the ability to share more in a personal, digestible way. It lends itself perfectly to storytelling through visuals, as well as encourages great engagement from a targeted audience (when done right). With over 1 billion monthly active users, you are sure to have an audience to reach and connect with.

To successfully employ Instagram marketing tactics, you need a well-designed strategy, creativity, and an audience who cares. This toolkit will help you understand how to design a great strategy and cultivate that audience.

In this toolkit…

  • In-Depth Look at Instagram Features

  • A Marketing Roadmap to Follow

  • Step-by-Step How To

  • Downloadable Worksheets

  • Understanding Who Your Adventure Prospect Is

  • And more…

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Cover of Liquid Spark's Email Marketing toolkit, with dog sled on front

Email Marketing Best Practices

Unlike most other marketing venues, email marketing is permission-based and allows you to deliver your targeted message directly to inbox of a person who has an interest in the adventure you share—and has asked for information from you.

Your email marketing should be an ongoing conversation with your most engaged audience. Building an email list gives you the opportunity to create a positive value exchange with them; you deliver helpful or interesting content, and in turn, they give you their attention and ultimately become loyal customers of your adventure brand.

In this toolkit…

  • Goals Alignment

  • Annual Email Content Calendar Template

  • List Health and Reactivation Campaigns

  • Tactics for Email Design and Content

  • Tactics for List Management and Segmentation

  • Metrics, A/B Testing, and Automation

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Advanced Facebook Marketing

Are you targeting the right prospects on Facebook? Do you know how to find them, build audience lists and retarget them? Do you know how to use Facebook as a tool that helps you nurture your customer’s journey in a personal way?⠀⠀⠀

Facebook is an extraordinary platform with the potential to create magical results for your adventure brand. The power behind Facebook advertising lies in its ability to hyper-target and retarget, audiences in a variety of ways to deliver multiple forms of media—allowing you to tell your story by sharing the experience of your offerings. To successfully employ advanced Facebook marketing tactics, you need a well-designed strategy, creativity, and an audience who cares.

This toolkit will help you understand how to design a great strategy and cultivate that audience.

In this toolkit…

  • Understanding Who Your Adventure Prospect Is

  • Identifying Your Customer Experience Lifecycle

  • Mapping Content Against Customer Journey

  • Step-by-Step How To’s

  • Downloadable Worksheets

  • And more…

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Social Media Best Practices

Too many times, adventure brand owners treat social media like an announcement platform. “Buy this!” “We have a sale!”
“Don’t miss this great offer!” What they forget is that social media is all about conversations.

When you can shift your focus to creating an intentional strategy around your online presence through venues like Facebook and Instagram, with the goal of starting a meaningful conversation with your followers… you start to see more engagement with your brand. Trust builds. And your business growth follows in an organic way.

In this toolkit…

  • Facebook Tactics

  • Instagram Tactics

  • Tracking Sheet

  • Campaign Calendar

  • Cheat Sheet Print Out

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Crafting Ad Copy

It isn’t enough to throw words at someone, and hope that they stick. When writing your ad copy for a campaign, an email, or even a landing page—you want to craft something that will capture and engage the attention of your prospects. There is thought and technique that goes into a well-crafted marketing message, and the following overview and worksheet will help you identify these time and time again.

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