Strategy and an Integrated Marketing Approach to Support Your Triple Bottom Line

Your marketing strategy is the most important part of your marketing efforts. It’s the why and how of your marketing plans, followed by a detailed tactics calendar covering what you need to do, and when, to get there. We help adventure brands be successful in a sustainable way, achieving realistic business goals year after year, with smart marketing—no hype, no oversell, no overpriced campaigns. We are consumer-focused, metrics-driven, and conversion-oriented.

Success Is Greater with Integrated Marketing

Effective strategy incorporates all the relevant marketing channels for your business, including digital and offline. We approach marketing as an ecosystem that integrates all your channels, leverages your customers to help tell your story (user-generated content), and builds your inclusive brand community. We can help you with a single channel, but we will always make sure that your single-channel objectives are appropriately integrated into your entire marketing system.

Clients often start with Liquid Spark for one specific channel, for example: PPC campaigns (like Google Ads). This allows them to quickly see how we can positively impact their PPC results by supporting their website content and SEO. Then we show them how to take that new optimized content and leverage it across email and social media!

Your Marketing Roadmap


Achieve Your Goals With Smart Marketing Initiatives

We are an experienced, proven adventure marketing agency and we are stewards of responsible business practices. We delight in marketing adventure experiences to carefully defined target audiences of real people, ready to engage with—and benefit from—your business, mission, or project. Our Marketing Roadmap product gives you the strategy, tools, and process to identify and execute the best marketing initiatives to meet your goals.

High-Impact Digital Audits


Understand How Your Business is Currently Performing

Wondering why you are spending so much on your Google Ads program but can’t see results? Not sure if your email marketing is effective? Don’t understand why your website pages are not ranking, or why no one is finding your amazing YouTube videos? We offer expert assessments and summary recommendations for what is broken and how to fix it across any of your digital channels.

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