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To create practical marketing that inspires adventure, action, and stewardship of people, place, and planet.

Deliver our best work, every day. Act like a business owner for every client. Always make a plan. Simplify wherever possible, and then simplify some more. Strive for clean design, maximum usability, and practical solutions – these do not have to be either/or choices. Empower our clients through practical training, tools, and processes to manage their marketing at the level that makes sense for their business/organization model. Hold everyone accountable. Measure results. Test, learn, repeat. Think, teach, do. Gently say no to interests not aligned with our mission.

Working with a small group of dedicated strategic marketing professionals, you can expect a personalized working relationship. While we do set deadlines, scope out deliverables, and push projects out the door, we spend any extra time needed to understand your story, your business, and your customers. We identify the most effective and cost and time efficient ways to gain you new clients, improve your existing customers’ satisfaction, and deliver the best possible ROI. We are relentless in our efforts to help you succeed because we put ourselves in your shoes as the business owners.

We are experienced marketers and outdoor enthusiasts. We are advocates for prioritizing time outside – in wilderness areas, on wild & scenic rivers, in forests,  and over coral reefs, and yes, city parks and neighborhood green spaces  – and connecting to the need for stewardship of these places for all future generations. We are parents, aunts, and uncles – getting kids of ALL ages out to experience their blue planet is one of the best ways we can think of to protect and support people, place, and planet. When we are not working at our adventure desk jobs creating campaigns to propel sustainable businesses, we can be found paddling in the Smoky Mountains, fly fishing in the Great Lakes, touring Colorado’s backroads, skiing a perfect line in Montana, hiking a trail in the Maine Woods, scuba diving in the Florida Keys, meditating at 12,000 feet in Tibet, or teaching kids why sunscreen kills coral reefs and why that matters.

Liquid Spark – Not Your Typical Marketing Agency

Liquid Spark is a strategic marketing agency specializing in adventure travel and outdoor recreation in the travel and tourism industry. Liquid Spark works with some of the top outfitters in the US and abroad. We also help emerging responsible tourism companies in Tibet and China with digital marketing and business planning.

We are known as the agency that “gets” the outdoors and the special challenges of running an adventure company. Adventure company owners know they can rely on sound strategy, practical marketing, and innovative new ideas and tools that achieve their business goals.

Our services emphasize digital marketing campaigns that identify highest quality customer prospects, nurture them in the sales research funnel, and convert visitors into customers. We integrate Strategic Marketing, Website Design & Development, PPC, Social PR, Print & Graphic Design, SEO, Email Marketing, and Tools & Training in our comprehensive marketing campaigns. Agency founder and president Julie Thorner is also an AdventureEDU marketing educator for the Adventure Travel Trade Association (ATTA).

We are proud to be a member of 1% for the Planet. We think walking our talk is not just important, it’s critical. How can we inspire you to take the leap if we can’t? We are looking at carbon footprints now and how our agency (including our extended team of partners and vendors) could go beyond sustainability to reduce more than we use, and then some. Impossible? We don’t think so – we are very excited about what’s possible when we put our collective minds, tools, technology, and networks to doing it.

It always seems impossible until it’s done.
-Nelson Mandela

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