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Email Marketing

Email Marketing

We help plan, create, and implement a variety of email marketing tactics to help you nurture a valuable relationship with your customers. The options are endless—from a solid onboarding funnel for new customers to a sales funnel based on email interactions or auto-responders that work 24/7 while you are away. We help you consistently show up with engaging content to the fans and prospects of your brand.

We also measure and benchmark against tourism industry open rates, click-through rates, and—when online bookings are available —ecommerce conversions for your email marketing campaigns.

Email marketing components include:

  • Email signup forms & popups
  • Email automation: welcome series, information series, eCommerce, and trip review series
  • List management, reactivation, segmentation
  • Email template design
  • Email newsletters: writing, graphics, annual calendars supporting campaign strategies

Start with an Email Audit

Our audit gives you a comprehensive understanding of where your email marketing stands by assessing your audience lists, segments, open and click-through rates, content and subject lines, and automated workflows.

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