How to Do Basic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for Your Brand

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Basic Search Engine Optimization - Get the Fundamentals Right How to Improve Your Organic Rankings for Keywords, Images, Videos and Featured Position 0 Snippets Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a dance of art and science. The science is paying attention to what Google’s AI (artificial intelligence) algorithm values. The art is paying attention to [...]

How To Optimize Your Youtube Channel & Videos

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YouTube Optimization Best Practices Optimizing your YouTube channel and videos is a reasonably straightforward process. Follow this step by step instruction list to drive more traffic to your channel, which in turn will drive more traffic to your website.  Help your potential customers find your unique adventure content.  First, let’s start with optimizing your [...]

Removing Related Videos Embedded from YouTube

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Today, I'm going to share a little-known secret to getting the related video selections removed from videos you upload to YouTube and then embed on your blog or website. In the adventure travel and tourism space (as well as many others), YouTube is a great tool to help demonstrate activities and share real, authentic experiences [...]

Google’s Mobile-Friendly Search Impact on Adventure Brands

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We're in the calm after the Google virtual storm. How did your site do? Here's what we all got worked up about last month: Google demands mobile-friendly websites for mobile search - does your site pass? Google announced its mobile search algorithm would change to prioritize mobile-friendly sites over non-mobile friendly sites, effective April [...]

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