Marketing Audits & Roadmaps to Support Your Strategy

Audits tell you what’s working well and what’s broken, with recommendations for what to address. Roadmaps lay out what to do, and when, in order to improve your marketing in a specific channel and/or meet your business goals for sales, new offerings, and more.

Comprehensive Marketing Audits

Wondering why you are spending so much on your Google Ads program but can’t see results? Not sure if your email marketing is effective, and don’t know how to tell? Are you frustrated by no measurable results from constant social media posting? Don’t understand why your website pages are not ranking, or why no one is finding your amazing YouTube videos?

We offer expert assessments and summary recommendations for what is broken and how to fix it across any of your digital channels.

Email Marketing Audit

Gain fundamental insight into where your email marketing stands by having your audience lists, segments, open and click-through rates, content and subject lines, and automated workflows assessed.

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PPC Programs Audit

Wondering why you are spending so much on your Google Ads program, but can’t see results? Our expert audits show you what is and isn’t working with your PPC program. PPC audits cover query analysis, conversion metrics, landing page optimization, custom audiences, geo-targeting, ad copy, extensions, keywords (and negatives), bidding analysis, the performance of ad types (search, display, video), and your “data plumbing” links between Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Google My Business, Google Tag Manager, and Google Ads.

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Social Media Audit

A detailed look at where your social media accounts currently stand by way of optimization, engagement, and growth. Gain insight into what’s working and where you can be doing better on the big 4 primary social media platforms for adventure brands: Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Google My Business locations. We can add other platforms into this audit by custom request for separate pricing, like Pinterest and Twitter, as well.

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Website Content & Conversion Tracking

This audit is the “secret sauce” to a truly effective website sales and marketing tool. While excellent search engine optimization brings your visitor eyeballs, it is great content that sells your trips. Great SEO without great content is still a fail. Exceptional website content does two things well:

1. Enables visitors to easily and quickly find what they are looking for in less than three clicks.
2. Enables visitors to quickly and intuitively follow pathways to more helpful information to make an interest and purchase decision.

A conversion-optimized website enables visitors to easily book or purchase from wherever they are on the website. Once the visitor has enough information to pull the “purchase trigger,” the conversion-optimized site has the [Book Online] or [Request Reservation] or [Buy This Product] button visible and functional so the visitor can complete (or initiate) their purchase in your sales funnel.

Our website content and conversion tracking audit review your Customer Journey Experience and booking process (aka sales funnel content and checkout). We’ll identify any gaps in your current website’s content that need to be filled to help lead your visitors into the next stage of your sales funnel. We’ll also look at how and if you are successfully tracking your visitors’ behavior through your sales funnel for conversions at each step. By understanding where your customers may be dropping off, you can improve their customer journey experience and win more sales. We will test your booking process and identify areas for improvement to make it as frictionless as possible for your visitors.

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Website SEO Audits

Our SEO audits help you understand what you need to do to improve your website’s search presence for your most important (typically revenue generating) keywords and topics. We offer a standard and advanced SEO audit.

Standard SEO Audit

Search Queries and Ranking: This is an extensive query analysis of the current website, using your analytics and google search console. We’ll analyze what queries (search terms) are driving impressions globally or locally, and which ones your company is winning clicks for. We’ll show you which pages on your site are ranking for those queries now, and what’s missing. We’ll use up to 3 search engine ranking “locations”; Google Search Console overall position ranking (not location dependent), and two locations of your choice, mobile or desktop. Example: Mobile location Los Angeles, CA and Washington, DC.

Advanced SEO Audit

This includes the standard audit, plus it analyzes your domain authority, domain trust, number and toxicity of backlinks, lost backlinks, most linked pages, broken links (internal and external), missing and/or duplicate meta titles, descriptions, and missing alt tags.

Add Competitor SEO Intelligence Reports

Add up to 3 competitors for keyword ranking by page, the number of backlinks, domain authority, and domain trust. Armed with the list of backlinks your top competitors have and the authority of those links, you can then choose to go after similar links.

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Website Technical Audit

We’ll take a look “under the hood” of your WordPress website to assess if it is running at benchmark desired loading speeds for mobile and desktop, that all aspects of the site are secure, that all plugins are updated, or removed if no longer being used, and that your WordPress files databases are being regularly cleaned up and deleted of multiple revisions. Is your site fully responsive and rendering appropriately on all devices? Speed, mobile usability, and security are all now contributing ranking factors in Google search. Don’t build your website castle and neglect its maintenance and checkups!

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Integrated Marketing Strategy Roadmap

A marketing roadmap can be a very useful tool in your annual planning process. Done right, it becomes your treasure map to identifying the best marketing initiatives to meet your business goals. Your roadmap will lay out your marketing initiatives by quarter, and help you understand what to do, the right timing, and how everything fits together. It can also be used as an annual planning tool, or it can be used for individual projects or campaigns, like the launch of a new product, or a set of tours in a new destination, for example.

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Our clients love bundling this up with an audit!

Allow us to dig into your channels with an audit, and then develop a channel-specific roadmap for you and your team to follow! This is the “secret sauce” to truly honing in on how to hit your business goals.

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