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Website SEO & Tech Optimization

Website SEO & Tech Optimization

Search Optimized Content, User-Friendly Website Structure, and Current Technology Drive Your Success

Search Engine Optimization is the foundation of how we approach all our marketing initiatives. Solid SEO for every channel our clients use is the key to building solid campaigns and content that search engine algorithms reward with higher placements (ranking results). These same campaigns and content engage visitors and convert them into customers.

Google’s preference for scoring content high in SERPs (search engine results placement), pretty much sums up how we approach SEO. There’s no silver bullet for SEO. Relevant, fresh, credible, helpful content that answers your prospects’ & customers’ questions about your adventure brand’s topics will win – every time. We help our clients build their channels into powerhouses within SERPs, year after year. They rank organically on page 1 consistently for their “money” terms, and we support that with dominating PPC campaigns that work to float organic even higher. We do structured data markup (AI for Search Engines), Featured Position 0 content creation, website redesigns that protect SEO rankings, on-page optimization, keyword research with natural voice search, and metas that matter.

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Our audit gives you a comprehensive understanding of where your email marketing stands by assessing your audience lists, segments, open and click-through rates, content and subject lines, and automated workflows.

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