#BlackLivesMatter #DiversityOutdoors – A Letter from Liquid Spark

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A Letter from Liquid Spark's Founder It is the time of reckoning, at a soul level, for us all. I strongly believe that my business can and should be an instrument of change, to support my sisters and brothers of color.  My white lens, by definition, has an incomplete understanding of the racism [...]

Diversity Leadership Resources in the Outdoor Industry

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Diversity Resources in the Outdoors Sharing Several Groups That Lead the Way At Liquid Spark, we realize that the ethnic diversity of participants in the outdoor adventure industry is not accurately reflected through national and regional marketing efforts. We see it everyday, in our corner of this industry. We commit to listening to—and amplifying—black [...]

8 Tips for Effective Brand Messaging During COVID-19

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Fast Moving, Constant Change, Uncertainty We wish this was describing a first descent river trip in a canyon no-one has ever seen before - but it's today's "current normal" description of both life and running a tourism-based company, thanks to COVID-19. Messaging and marketing efforts have to recognize this new reality and pivot immediately.  [...]

Adventure Companies Tips for Cancellations & Refunds During COVID-19

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Smart Cancellation Policies: Support Today & Protect Tomorrow Here are some tips for adventure companies on how to re-think, refine and communicate about your adventure company’s cancellation policies in the context of this unprecedented coronavirus pandemic that is disrupting us all on two fronts: 1) Human health - with varying levels of risk from [...]

Supporting Your Customers, Staff and Business Through Coronavirus 2020

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2020 - Optimism, Disruption, Resilience 2020 started out a year of huge optimism and big goals for many of us in the adventure industry. We were ready and pumped to serve up amazing adventures across the US and abroad to our customers of all ages. Fast forward only weeks later to March, and the [...]

Finding Success with Advanced Facebook Marketing for Adventure Brands

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Is Your Facebook Marketing Delivering the Goods? Are you creating ads, throwing budget at them and hoping to sell out that trip that launches in 3 weeks?  Are you targeting the right prospects on Facebook? Do you know how to find them, build audience lists and retarget them? We can help you!  We [...]

You’re Missing the Boat with Facebook Video

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In this week's Facebook Friday post we're going to go over video marketing and why many, if not most outdoor and adventure travel brands are missing the boat with video on Facebook! First: Global Metrics Mean Nothing to You! As a technology professional and educator, it's really easy for me to start this article [...]

The Dichotomy; Understanding Paid vs. Organic Content

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Facebook is a dichotomy. Over the past two years, they have mostly closed the door on a brand’s ability to organically reach their audiences in any real meaningful way. There is no real hack, workaround or trick you can play on them to regain the organic traffic you may have received by organically nurturing [...]

What’s in a Name? Evolution! WillowWorks becomes Liquid Spark

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WillowWorks has evolved into Liquid Spark, a media & marketing agency focused on the adventure & outdoor industries and sustainability.  Different form – expanded powers. Our Liquid Spark mission statement: To create practical marketing that inspires adventure, action, and stewardship of people, place, and planet. Just like my sons’ favorite Pokemon characters evolve from [...]