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Make 2024 Your Year for Proactive Marketing Success

7 Strategies to Implement Now, to Support Your 2024 Marketing Efforts

So you’re successfully jumpstarting your 2024 marketing efforts now by leveraging the last couple of months of the new year—and you’re wondering how you can continue to ride that momentum to make 2024 your most successful year yet?

Look no further. We’ve compiled a list of 7 strategic steps you should implement now.

1. Finish your 2024 marketing roadmap.

This is arguably the biggest strategy/step on the list, but we start with it because it is also the most important: finish your 2024 marketing roadmap. This will inform you of your 2024 needs for campaigns, SEO, and content.

If planning an entire year’s worth of marketing makes you a little itchy, we suggest using pencil and starting with only your key events/campaigns/needs first. The important thing is to start somewhere—remembering that your roadmap can be edited and tweaked as the year rolls closer.

2. Update your in-house customer lists and lookalike audience lists across your various ad platforms.

In preparation for your 2024 campaigns, ensure your audiences are updated and ready to go across the ad platforms you might be using, including (but certainly not limited to) Facebook, Instagram, Google Ads, etc. This allows you to gather your customer data, think critically about the campaigns you’ll be running (informed, of course, by your marketing roadmap and goals!), and save clear audiences and lookalike audiences.

Some key considerations include:

  • Fresh audiences that expand your reach: new demographics or locations.
  • Strong remarketing opportunities with older in-house audiences.
  • Juicy campaign

3. Clean up your email lists.

Your email list is liquid gold, making your adventure brand rich with trusted communication and a wealth of customer data that makes it easy to deliver relevant messaging that makes your customers happy. A clean email list not only improves your overall email campaign performance but increases your overall email marketing success. It’s worth carving out some time to do some strategic house cleaning in preparation for next year.

You’ll want to ensure that:

  • You identify inactive subscribers so that you can plan a re-engagement campaign; this can be an enticing and exclusive offer, a survey, or a transparent email that asks if they still want to receive your emails.
  • Unsubscribe inactive subscribers when you’re ready.
  • Organize your audience data: determine the best way to segment, tag, or group subscribers together in a way that’s helpful to your business and your roadmap goals for the upcoming year.

4. Deploy strong SEO to support 2024 bookings and upcoming goals/campaigns.

Based on your marketing roadmap and any audits you had done when you tackled the 5 easy ways to jumpstart your marketing, it’s time to update your website SEO. While this is certainly a larger project that takes time and expertise, it should be an annual priority.

Check out our article on SEO Basics for Your Brand to help you get started. Or consider an SEO audit for professional insight and direction tailored to your needs.

5. Update your website content for your 2024 goals and campaigns.

Use our handy process worksheet for Mapping Your Customer Experience Journey to uncover what content currently exists that supports your 2024 goals and campaigns. You can also use this exercise to find the gaps in content, helping you create a content plan for next season’s success.

Need additional help? Consider a content audit!

6. Start planning the intricate details and needs for your 2024 campaigns, promotions, and giveaways.

Although this is a natural off-shoot of your marketing roadmap, it’s important to start planning your 2024 campaigns, promotions, and giveaways now to maximize (and avoid accidentally sabotaging) your efforts. Consider the intricate details and needs for each initiative you’re thinking of launching: identify ideal timing on your marketing roadmap, note supportive content and assets that need to be created, and any additional requirements like SEO, partnership communication, etc.

7. Consider making this the year you hire an agency for your integrated marketing efforts.

Effective strategy incorporates all relevant marketing channels for your business, including digital and offline. The result is not just a seamless client experience, but a cohesive brand presentation too. Maybe we’re a little biased, but we’ve seen the value an adventure marketing agency like ours can bring to businesses that are ready to uplevel their entire marketing ecosystem by integrating all marketing efforts, leveraging customer experience, and building an inclusive brand community!

Reach out if you’re interested in exploring how we might be a great fit for your 2024 goals.

Why Planning Now, Matters

It’s simple: if you fail to plan, you plan to fail. So many of us fall into the trap of reactive marketing, and it’s very difficult to see a true return on investment or growth from that. When we can prioritize our vision, we can see the steps we need to take and effectively take them.

It’s time to commit to making 2024 a proactive year! Here’s to your success!

Have great marketing ideas, but not sure how to align them to achieve your business goals? Not sure how to prioritize marketing channels and tactics into an annual plan that is cohesive and easy to implement? We have a proven process to map your business goals to quarterly strategies and tactics across each marketing channel and create an easy-to-follow roadmap for your initiatives.

We are here to help you start and implement an effective roadmap!

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