We believe in the idea that a website, an online presence, a business in the tourism industry is never “finished.” There is never a time when you can step away from your adventure brand, wipe your hands on your sides and say, “There. All done. I’ve found what works and now I can sit back and sip pina coladas on oceanside!”

We coach our clients to embrace the iterative nature of marketing, especially digital marketing. To test and change, pivot and expand. We’re here practicing what we preach; after 3 years of solid performance by the old website, and 1 year of “the shoemaker’s kids had no shoes”—our new site is finally here! We’ll take a break for a few days, then jump right back into iterating, testing, changing and expanding it. Sounds like your marketing process, doesn’t it?

Welcome to the new Liquid Spark website.

The Liquid Spark Mission

To create practical marketing that inspires adventure, action, and stewardship of people, place, and planet.

What Liquid Spark Offers

We’re still the same great team (with a few new faces!) looking to deliver our best work every day for the clients we love and support. With this new website, you see us pivot our attention in two additional ways: towards empowering adventure brands with practical resources to jumpstart their marketing, and focusing on highlighting and integrating sustainability practices into adventure businesses, including our own agency. We are both a strategic digital marketing agency and a collaborative partner that shares strategies and tactics that support Triple Bottom Line results.

Our New Adventure Biz Toolkits

What if you could have everything you needed to achieve your marketing goals in easy-to-follow lessons, workbooks, and walkthroughs? We are developing free Adventure Toolkits that cover a wide range of subjects and will help you implement marketing strategies and tactics that will greatly benefit your adventure brand.

In the Current

We will be sharing regular articles to help you with your adventure brand’s marketing and growth via our blog, which we call In the Current. Two meanings of course:  Current being timely information, and Current meaning in the full swing of your business with the metaphor of the river current.

On Your Line

Sign up for our monthly adventure enews, “On Your Line” and get access to exclusive resources, latest articles, and more!

One-on-One Services

We’re ready to help you grow your business. From audience building, to marketing campaigns, to web design and process development.

We’ve Made Giving Back a Part of our Business Model

We are equally excited about the launch of the Liquid Spark Foundation. We believe that giving back is an important part of any adventure brand’s business model—and because we’re passionate about a number of causes, we felt it was time to create a platform that could help make giving back easy.  We are also proud to be a 1% for the Planet agency.

It’s All About the Spark

We’ve developed this new website to be the kind that all adventure brand owners will want to bookmark. Whether you run a rafting tour operation, a dive tour operation, a ski resort, a paddleboard operation, a non-profit conservation organization, an adventure park, an eco-conscious skincare line, etc.,—the resources we upload here will help you grow your sustainable business and be part of responsible tourism solutions.

Is there anything you’d like to see? Contact us and let us know!