Advanced Facebook Marketing - AOA 2018

Is Your Facebook Marketing Delivering the Goods?

Are you creating ads, throwing budget at them and hoping to sell out that trip that launches in 3 weeks?  Are you targeting the right prospects on Facebook? Do you know how to find them, build audience lists and retarget them?

We can help you!  We are giving an entire workshop dedicated to Finding Success with Advanced Facebook Marketing for Adventure Brands at America Outdoors Conference in Daytona, Florida on December 6.  Don’t miss this chance to go behind the ever-changing Facebook curtain with the adventure marketing experts (that’s us – the Liquid Spark team)  as we show you what, how, why and when to set up Facebook marketing campaigns that use storytelling to take your prospects through the customer experience journey. That’s right – we’ll show you how to create a strong strategy for Facebook campaigns that drives bookings for your trips!

The conference is open to AOA members and non-members, register here.   Our workshop is Thursday, December 6 at 10:30-12:00PM in Room 102. It’s the Marketing & Innovation track with me (Julie Thorner) and Keith Burtis.  Get a seat early – we have awesome eco-first, limited schwag and nine special expert marketing giveaways available only to attendees present at the workshop.   Yep – only 9.

The presentation slides will be available – but, you will gain the most from the Q&A and live demos that aren’t in the slides.  You’ll be able to implement what you learn right away – and you probably will want to update and refine your holiday campaigns based on what we teach you!

Check out our short video below about what you’ll learn from our presentation on Advanced Facebook Marketing Strategies. We are really excited to be bringing this training to AOA attendees.

This is an advanced workshop – we’ll move quickly through a lot of material and offer a toolkit for your later reference. Bring your top storytellers (aka your marketing team) to this workshop – we hope to see you there, Thursday at 10:30am December 6 at AOA Conference in Daytona!