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Advanced Facebook Marketing

Are you targeting the right prospects on Facebook? Do you know how to find them, build audience lists and retarget them? Do you know how to use Facebook as a tool that helps you nurture your customer’s journey in a personal way?⠀⠀⠀

Facebook is an extraordinary platform with the potential to create magical results for your adventure brand. The power behind Facebook advertising lies in its ability to hyper-target and retarget, audiences in a variety of ways to deliver multiple forms of media—allowing you to tell your story by sharing the experience of your offerings. To successfully employ advanced Facebook marketing tactics, you need a well-designed strategy, creativity, and an audience who cares.

This toolkit will help you understand how to design a great strategy and cultivate that audience.

In this toolkit…

  • Understanding Who Your Adventure Prospect Is

  • Identifying Your Customer Experience Lifecycle

  • Mapping Content Against Customer Journey

  • Step-by-Step How To’s

  • Downloadable Worksheets

  • And more…