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Recent Marketing Results in Adventure Travel, Tourism, and Outdoor Recreation

Why Work With Us

      • We understand the tourism business, the industry, and your needs. Practice makes perfect, and well, this isn’t our first rodeo.
      • You won’t find any hype or overpriced campaigns that look great but don’t deliver real results here.
      • Consumer Focused. Metrics Driven. Conversion Oriented.
      • We are relentless in pursuing business success for our clients. We like that. So do they.
      • At the end of the day this is a relationship, you want to connect and truly trust your outsourced marketing and advertising agency.

What Our Tourism Clients Say

Running any business is simply time consuming. Amidst the busy nature of running Northern Outdoors, [Liquid Spark] has shined in the planning, strategy, and execution of our annual integrated marketing plans.
Over the past 5 years, Julie and her team have proven themselves as a valuable extension of our core staff. With keen industry experience and a true understanding of our business, Julie and her team have delivered planning, strategy and campaign execution that has allowed us to adapt and grow in a challenging economic climate and competitive business environment. We have a deep trust in [Liquid Spark] and the utmost confidence in their ability to deliver tangible results.
Russell Walters, Northern Outdoors
The efforts that you have made, along with my ongoing branding, have skyrocketed our little non-profit into an international presence. In the past I had spent thousands in trade-shows and in print. That money was wasted. I now see how having a positive internet presence, along with social-marketing, has the ability to bring large numbers of international clients to us. Additionally, I no longer have to worry about my time and headaches involved in pulling off trade-shows. (I only wish I had spent more money into internet branding and ads years ago.) Additionally, I have also noticed that this year in particular, we are being recognized as a major player in and around Yosemite by both the park service and other partners in tourism. Thank you [Liquid Spark] for your support and consultation, and mostly; for your friendship!
Scott Gehrman, Lasting Adventures
Here at Colorado Rafting Association, we have found Liquidspark to consistently deliver an excellent PPC campaign that is focused on ROI. Additionally, they have been exceptional communicators, providing clear executive summaries of the loads of DATA generated through these campaigns into clear conclusions.
Alex Mikel, Colorado Rafting Association