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Influencer Marketing Toolkit

Prominent public-facing individuals like influencers can be a hugely successful way to market your adventure brand. Partnerships with said individuals give your brand exposure and credibility with their loyal followers. The 2022 Influencer Marketing Benchmark report shared that 90% of survey respondents believe influencer marketing to be an effective form of marketing and 49% of buyers rely on influencers for purchase decisions. But there are countless options…how do you know who to collaborate with? And how can you nurture a long-standing relationship with them?

This toolkit has been developed to share insight on how to approach your influencer marketing strategy in a way that will yield not only good results but highly successful content creator collaborations, too.

Inside Influencer Marketing Toolkit - Liquid Spark

Whether you’re ready to adopt influencer marketing this year, or you’re looking to hone in on the efforts you’re already putting forth, this toolkit will provide you with insight on how to build an effective strategy. Complete with helpful prompts, worksheets, and templates.

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