Success Story

Complete Digital Overhaul: Website Redesign, Online Courses, eCommerce Store, Process Automations

Client Problem

The Tibetan Language Institute has been advancing the preservation of the Tibetan language, literature, and culture through the teaching of the Tibetan language since 1996. They ran all their language courses through a teleconference setup, had manual “store” setup of detailed product listings, and they operated a HTML website that was rich in information but that had long outgrown its complex structure and hard coded set up. They had no tracking of website activity or online sales. They wanted to greatly expand their reach to new students interested in studying the Classical Tibetan language.

Our Solution

A Website Redesign, eCommerce Platform, and Moving their Teaching Platform to Online Webinars

  • We completely overhauled the Tibetan Language Institute’s online website presence into a customer-first experience with easy and intuitive navigation, online registration for language classes, and a full ecommerce bookstore that features top sellers, individual products, and convenient bundles. 
  • We moved TLI from manual communications to standardized, automated processes that reduced their staff time while fully supporting their customers and students. 
  • We streamlined their special offer and discounting process to be fully automated, freeing the staff up for other customer service needs. 
  • We streamlined and automated their previously manual and complex shipping process for their store products, again freeing up staff time and creating instant checkouts for customers. 
  • Their new WordPress website enables TLI to have full control to easily make updates to their page content, ecommerce store, and class offerings. 
  • We coached and trained their team on how to use Zoom for their language courses, created the branded graphics for the new TLI webinars, and moderated the first Level 1 Course as part of training and fully supporting TLI staff to run subsequent courses.  The online webinar platform allowed for an easier learning experience for students by introducing visual lessons and enabled much higher in class student engagement. This also allowed the Tibetan Language Institute team to record and package their lessons up for self-study offers.

From Redesign to Launch

Original Website
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Redesigned Website
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Increase in Ecommerce Sales in first 3 weeks!


  • Tibetan Level 1 Course registrations increased 425% with their 2020 launch of their first ever online webinar courses in Fall and Winter. 100% of students recommended the course to others. 
  • Tibetan Level 2 Course registrations increased 124% with the first ever online webinar course for level 2 language students, launched in the winter 2021. 97% of students recommended the course to others.
  • Ecommerce sales on the new, easy to use TLI Bookstore were 6.7x more than historical summer sales, in only the first 3 weeks of site launch.
  • The fully automated store and course registration processes reduced the manual efforts of the TLI team from hours of back and forth customer communications and questions weekly to almost zero. Boom. Just like that. 

What Students Are Saying:

Using Zoom was the best! Being able to see Lama David and Bente, plus having the hand out and book on line made the class easy to follow, especially for me having to watch via video. Thank you for taking on Zoom classes!  – Level 1 Student

Lama David is a terrific teacher, and the courses are beautifully organized and paced. If you’re inspired to learn Tibetan, you can’t do better than the Tibetan Language Institute. – Level 2 Student

Working with Julie Thorner and her staff at Liquid Spark has been a complete joy!

Our Tibetan Language Institute website was very out-of-date and was hindering our ability to reach our target audience in a meaningful way. We had worked with other web designers, each time not completing the task due to our unmet vision of what our site should provide its visitors.  In addition, our teaching platform—teleconference meetings—was also a major obstacle to our teaching and our students. We needed a change, but were unclear where to start.

Then we had the good fortune to meet Julie. With seeming boundless enthusiasm and expert skills, Julie and her team set out to bring the Tibetan Language Institute into the 21st century by both designing a new website and by tutoring our team on the mechanics of teaching a quality program via Zoom webinar.  This was a complex undertaking by Liquid Spark, one that they consistently met with expertise, kindness, and cheerful patience when we had trouble understanding technical issues.

We are truly delighted with TLI’s new website, our online sales and enrollment have increased with each passing day.It feels like the dawn of a new era for us. What an enormous help to our nonprofit.

We at TLI are so happy with the results of our collaboration with LS—a true blessing. We highly recommend this organization.

David and Deanna Curtis, Co-founders, Tibetan Language Institute