River & Trail Outfitters
Success Story

A website redesign that makes an impact.

Client Problem

River & Trail had a bloated website with confusing navigation and weak page content, contributing to a less than optimal experience for site visitors, and the inability to break in #1 positions for their top SEO terms. Their website was also caught in a dated design and style they’d launched years ago. They needed to re-infuse their digital brand presence with the same fun, playful attitude of their offline business, power up their SEO, and consolidate their content to better serve their customer’s journey.

Our Solution

A fresh website redesign, a rebranding to capture the fun they offer, and expert SEO baked into each page.

  • Captured their playful, family-focused, authentic brand with a fresh design makeover. We showcased the River & Trail brand colors throughout, and brought playfulness and fun to the site’s design elements.
  • Created a modern and unique site design that sets them apart from competitors, especially other river adventure companies.
  • Restructured their navigation and pages to make it easier, faster, and intuitive for visitors to understand what River & Trail offers and where to go to buy it, in 3 clicks or less. (3 clicks if a visitor needs more information, 1 click if a visitor knows what they want and goes straight to the product!)
  • Baked expert SEO for top “money keywords” into the site from the very beginning with website design and structure. Optimized their website content, URLs, metas, and linking strategy.

From Concept to Launch

Original Website




Traffic Increase Upon Launch

Trend 30 Days Post Launch vs Pre-Covid 2019


  • Eliminated duplicate content, pages, and confounding navigation & URLs. As a result, we shaved off 40% of the previous site’s pages, bringing a much easier user experience to their customers.
  • Minimized the normal “SEO drop” in traffic and ranking that typically impacts a site upon re-launching it with a major redesign. We launched the site and achieved zero drop in traffic, and an increase in SEO impressions and clicks – an exceptional search performance, especially since River & Trail was heading into prime season!
  • All key site metrics are now up by double digits: traffic sessions, new users, average session duration, number pages/session.
  • Bounce rate is now down by double digits, reflecting tighter, focused, and informative content successfully answering visitor’s questions .
  • eCommerce conversion rates are now up double digits, and eCommerce revenue is up triple digits! (compared to pre-pandemic season of 2019)
  • River & Trail’s season is off to a strong start with this redesign!

Liquid Spark provided a full-service team to work on our new website build. They worked closely with us in creating an updated and appealing design, organizing our materials and images, giving us content advice and rewrites, and providing us with a strong SEO foundation. We have been involved in several website projects and found it so helpful to have a strong team navigating the difficult task of building and launching a new site! Liquid Spark helped us consolidate and improve upon our existing website, removing unnecessary content and focusing on promoting the profitable part of our company. The team was also responsive when we had questions or any issues needing to be resolved throughout the web building process and beyond.

Natasha Baihly, President River & Trail Outfitters