Rancho Cacachilas
Success Story

Expanding Rancho Cacachilas to be a culinary experience.

Client Problem

Establishing the Ranch as a culinary destination, and not just an adventure sports haven, was a primary goal for the 2019-2020 season. The Ranch was gaining terrific notoriety in the mountain biking world, but the fresh farm-to-table organic produce, award-winning artisanal cheesemaking, and sustainable seafood and meats needed to share center stage. The important story of the unique culinary experience at the Ranch needed to be told and tied into the eco-adventure guest experience.

Our Solution

Integrated marketing campaigns and new content to expand brand positioning.

Integrated campaigns and messaging across all digital channels: email, social media, website, PPC ads, and PR. New content and events created, behind the scenes operations consulting and tour development support.

  • Client Operations Support: Advised the ranch in the hiring of an accomplished Executive Chef in order to refine culinary menu.
  • PR: reached out to journalists and media outlets to create stories focused on all aspects of the ranch beyond just action sports
  • Website: Revamped the current website to better showcase the culinary aspect of the ranch
  • Content Creation: Provided direction and shot lists for photographers
  • Creation of Event Series: Assisted in creating a culinary event series
  • Email: Created of promotional emails for the event series and added a culinary aspect to the ongoing Enewsletter
  • Social Media: Implemented a smart-growth process on social media to advertise the culinary event series
  • PPC Ads: Deployed Google adwords to introduce complete ranch experiences to new audiences through search, display and video ads.
  • Tour Positioning: Liquid Spark assisted in the creation and positioning of new tour offerings
  • Cross Promotions for Sister Brands: Created cross promotion materials to market the Rancho Cacachilas sister companies

Marketing Examples


Open Rate for E-Mail Sends

(2x industry average)


  • A successful launch of the first Culinary Series that won a loyal local customer following with multiple sold out events.
  • Site visits from 4 journalists that resulted in 6 articles. A Total ad value of $1,703,000! Our biggest win was with 4 immediate articles (1 print, 3 online) in Outside Magazine on 1 journalist visit.
  • 31.5% Open Rate for eMail sends (2x industry average). 7.7% Click Through Rate on eMail sends (50% higher than industry average).
  • Extended the Rancho Cacachilas reach on social media by 38,984 and 86,585 impressions with culinary series related posts, boosts, and targeted ads.

Liquid Spark took us to the next level in terms of our Ranch marketing and PR needs. The level of responsiveness and communication that we have gotten so far has been incredible. Their knowledge of the adventure travel world is second to none and it’s been a great experience working with them.

Luis Palacios, CEO Innovaciones Alumbra