Forward Thinking & Self Awareness

A forward-thinking mindset is critical in digital marketing and any successful business endeavor.  Likewise, realistic self-awareness enables you to assess your company’s, your industry’s, and your competitors’ strengths and weaknesses. Combine these two qualities and you’ll know what to outsource, and what to keep in-house, based on your core competencies.

We support these two qualities. Digital marketing is changing all the time… our core competencies are looking ahead to new strategies and digital tools to help your business thrive, and to help your marketing deliver results. We’ll support a structured communications plan that ties to your business objectives. We’ll analyze the data to help you make better decisions on each campaign.

While we technically fall under the “agency” line item, we much prefer “partner”. We are invested in your future the same way you are.

We’ll keep our collective eyes wide open to identify potential pitfalls, develop strategies, and identify opportunities. 

Running any business is simply time-consuming. Amidst the busy nature of running Northern Outdoors, [Liquid Spark] has shined in the planning, strategy, and execution of our annual integrated marketing plans. With keen industry experience and a true understanding of our business, Julie and her team have delivered planning, strategy and campaign execution that has allowed us to adapt and grow in a challenging economic climate and competitive business environment.

Russell Walters, Northern Outdoor

How You Benefit

One of our clients says, “We love the way you keep us on focus, on target and hold us accountable.” We can’t think of a better statement to describe how you benefit from our forward-thinking mindset.

It’s easy to get caught in the ‘Shiny Marketing Campaign’ of the moment and get reactionary to market forces. We help you understand what strategies and tactics are needed for quick wins, and lay the groundwork for building the long-term customer pipeline you need to thrive.

Whether you need a new website design that optimizes for mobile, voice search, and the new SEO, or seek to leverage the new marketing opportunities on Facebook—we’re here to guide you strategically and tactically!

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