Beyond Sustainability

The 21st Century brings together the greatest knowledge of the human race on how to support the world’s ecosystems—and the greatest ability of the human race to destroy those same ecosystems. Those of us in the adventure industries gain our livelihoods from the use of natural resources, either indirectly or directly, and have witnessed the decline of these ecosystems.

There is an imperative need to change our thinking, as well as our behavior, towards how we show up in the world as adventure company leaders and citizens.  It also brings the enormous possibilities of being part of solutions—at an individual, company, community, and regional level.

Sustainability as defined by the UN World Commission on Environment and Development: Sustainable development is development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.”

That definition no longer works (if it ever did). Sustainability is the ability to continue a defined behavior indefinitely. It is about finding solutions that support the three sustainability pillars that matter: economic, environmental, and social. And to do it as though the next generation’s lives depend on it… because they do.

We want to help support you in identifying how your business can go beyond sustainability—and how you can integrate these new practices into all facets of your marketing, too.

Why Liquid Spark… the LS team is skilled, professional, experienced, effective, evolving, thoughtful, creative, deliberate, efficient, collaborative… and they get projects done! All traits I want in a great employee and yet scalable for the needs of a growing business with seasonal highs and lows.

John Hines, Wildwood Adventure Partners

Take the Next Step

Prioritizing, acting, replicating, modeling, and teaching others with environmental, social, and/or economic sustainability initiatives is going Beyond Sustainability, one initiative at a time. Every initiative counts. Start where you are, get inspired, and set your intentions. Share your story of Going Beyond Sustainability on all your marketing channels both online and offline to let others know and let them participate.

How We Can Help

  • Amplify your message and your actions to all your marketing channels: website, email, social media, PR, onsite, in networking.
  • Improve your business’ Triple Bottom Line, along with improving the ecosystems and communities in which you operate.
  • Get access to best practices, and pitfalls, of other companies like yours that have taken the next step in going beyond sustainability. That includes our own efforts, successes, and failures as we step up our Beyond Sustainability agency practices as well.
  • We’re gathering a resource area specifically about real sustainability for adventure companies. Stay tuned.
  • Take the guesswork out of what steps your company can explore and take to make your business part of the solution to the sustainability crisis.

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