Make a difference for people, place, and planet.

Marketing Strategist

The Liquid Spark Marketing Strategist leads digital marketing strategy and implementation for client work as well as directs and trains account staff on implementations.

Major Responsibilities

  1. Leads digital marketing strategy and marketing analysis for billable client work.
  2. Leverages digital platforms for audience building, prospecting, and retargeting.
  3. Determines KPIs identification and measurement.
  4. Analyzes digital data to uncover key insights and new strategies to serve our clients and their end-customers.  
  5. Assesses what digital content is needed across the full spectrum of landing pages, blog articles, ad sets, videos, on-page SEO optimization, and conversion optimization.  
  6. Mocks up landing pages or ad and video concepts to explain the strategy for the client and to guide our creative team in creating the actual content.
  7. Directs junior marketing team on strategy and creative implementation.
  8. Supports internal agency marketing with one blog per month and a minimum of one Facebook and Instagram post per month.
  9. Supports Liquid Spark president on sales proposals with strategy outlines, edits, and reviews.

Salary and Benefits

Compensation: $45,000-$65,000, and you get a training budget plus great discounts on our clients’ services.  Includes up to 3 weeks PTO, SEP plan after 3 years, and flexible unpaid leave on a case-by-case approval. Health care is not included. This is a full-time position. Full-time positions require a 40-45 hour work week. Occasional longer work weeks are the exception, not the rule. Work/life balance, a family-focused culture, and time to adventure are important Liquid Spark values.

When you apply, tell us about the best adventure trip you’ve ever taken and include links to your social media footprint.

Skills & Qualifications

  • A minimum of 5 years experience as a digital marketer, including setting and leading digital marketing strategy and analysis.

  • An understanding of and passion for the outdoor and adventure travel industry, as well as the customer experience journey.

  • Ability to mock up high-level landing pages or ad/video concepts.

  • Up to date on the latest digital platforms, measurement capabilities, and automation opportunities.

  • High proficiency with Facebook Business Manager.

  • Proficient with Google advertising platforms (Analytics, YouTube, AdWords).

  • Able to work efficiently alone as well as with a team in a remote position.

  • Good communicator, able to outline clear and compelling marketing messaging concepts.

Worldwide Adventures—River Rafting, Bicycle Tours, Ziplining, Aerial Adventure Parks, Trekking!

Our clients run adventure travel businesses around the world, and we help them find great new customers—while supporting the stewardship of people, place, and planet.

We’re hiring a well-rounded, mid to senior-career digital marketer (minimum 5 years experience) to focus on billable client work for marketing strategy.

Liquid Spark is a small agency—a team of 9 people—so if you’re looking for a 401K and a defined career hierarchy, we’re not for you.

The flip side of our small size is that we reward entrepreneurial people who take initiative—we want you to propose (and execute) the smart ideas your current boss keeps ignoring. And you’ll be working with senior management at client companies, not locked in a cubicle with no client contact.

We’re a mostly remote team with headquarters in Bryson City, North Carolina in the Smoky Mountains. We’re open to a remote hire for this position.

We’re proud to be a One Percent for the Planet company. Our mission is to create practical marketing that inspires adventure, action, and stewardship of people, place, and planet.

Ready to Apply?

  • Why do you want to work with us? Why should we want to work with you? Short is good. Simple smartphone video is fine.