Facebook is a dichotomy. Over the past two years, they have mostly closed the door on a brand’s ability to organically reach their audiences in any real meaningful way. There is no real hack, workaround or trick you can play on them to regain the organic traffic you may have received by organically nurturing an audience with valuable content in 2013.

BUT….. This is 2017 and the opportunities to reach your existing audience (Followers) as well as grow audiences (Non-Followers) that matter to you and your business have in our opinion, never been greater! Not only do we truly believe this but for experientially based and visually compelling outdoor adventure business type brands, Facebook is a no-brainer.

Facebook can help you become a better marketer, drive dollars to your bottom line, increase conversions and reach audiences you may have never known you could tap into. Your story is uniquely yours. The value you bring as compared to your competitor down the road, as you know, is so often radically different. We see our purpose as helping to provide you with the tools and strategies you can deploy to leverage what is an ever-evolving range of opportunities on Facebook to drive awareness and generate business.

Wait a minute though. In the first paragraph, we told you that it was hardly worth the effort and then in paragraph two we told you the opportunities were unprecedented – which is it? The truth….. both and that gets us to the first and most important topic to understand.

Facebook is a Pay-to-Play Social Network

The answer to the dichotomy we described above is simply the difference between paid and organic reach. Facebook Business has provided marketers a truly unique and highly flexible ad platform to find, build, target and test messages directly to the audiences you care about. These opportunities – including boosted posts, E-commerce carousels, lead form ads, promoted articles and more are forms of paid ads. 

What Happened to the Organic Audience I Invested So Much Time and Effort into Building?

By the end of 2012, Facebook had nearly 1 Billion active users. At the end of 2013, it had more than doubled that! Now, in 2017 the average user is connected to some 330 people. In addition to the people they follow they have also LIKED an average of 70 brand pages! So let’s assume of the 330 people and the 70 brand pages that half of them post daily. That would mean that the average person is seeing at least 200 new updates a day. In Facebook’s eyes and probably yours as well, that is simply too much noise!

So Facebook has used their algorithm to listen to your updates, scan your connections and learn your interests to try and tailor your newsfeed with what it believes is the most relevant content you care about.  

The problem with this glut of content is that Facebook also needs to trim back the amount of posts you see from brands that you’ve followed. Instead brands are forced (for the most part) to pay for the content to get prioritized to your feed. See, your brand post on the special offer for your newest raft trip or hiking excursion will rarely beat out Grandma Claire’s chocolate chip cookie recipe or the post of your friend with a newborn baby.

In the coming weeks, we’ll discuss everything from great content, to building audiences, ad targeting, retargeting and more. If you follow along, we guarantee Facebook will become a more valuable asset and arrow in your quiver.

Have Specific Questions?

If you have any questions or topics that you’d like us to cover in a future feel free to reach out!